Past Issues



20th-Anniversary Issue

Fall 2015/Spring 2017

Fall 2014/Spring 2015: As Is

Fall 2013/Spring 2014: On Balance: Walking Ten Miles Home

Spring 2013: Eye to Eye, Notwithstanding

Fall 2012: Like a Movie: Among Those Named

Fall 2011: A Wild Surmise

Spring 2011: Living Off Balance

Fall 2010: Local Intimacies

Spring 2010: The Road and the Sky


Fall 2009: Lines of Thought

Spring 2009: Rushes East Above Us

Fall 2008: Acts of Shift

Spring 2008: Daylight Savings, Lucky Hours (Martin Mitchell, Guest Editor)

Fall 2007: That Time of Year

Spring 2007: By the Wayside: Change Is What Keeps Us

June 2004: Sharing Space with Light

March 2004: First Green is Gold

February 2004: Japan (Michael Bourdaghs and Tomer Saibari, feature guest editors)

January 2004: What We Have: a Drift of White, a Wisp of Blue (Martin Mitchell, feature guest editor)


December 2003: Degrees of Apprenticeship: Hunter College MFA Faculty, Alumni, Students

November 2003: Intermediating Surfaces: The Sk(in) Between (Laurel Blossom, feature guest editor)

September 2003: Faith: Private Forms, Public Expression

July/August 2003: Newsstand Issue: Self-Portrait / Monsters

June 2003: Between Strands of the Hammock

May 2003: A-Maying

April 2003: Music (Mark Nickels, feature guest editor)

March 2003: Departures (George Wallace, feature guest editor)

February 2003: Erotica: Beyond Anatomy

January 2003: Colors


December 2002: End Papers

November 2002: Hunting and Predation

October 2002: Excerpted poems from Spring chapbook contestants: Ryan Van Cleave, Baruch November, et al.

September 2002: Degree 365: Change and Reclamation — Year One of 9/11

August 2002: Cuba

July 2002: Shoes (socks optional) — newsstand version:  Big City Lit Goes Country!

June 2002: Distance from the Tree: Poems on Fathers

May 2002: Poems on Paintings

April 2002: Mervyn Taylor, Sylvie Kandé, Adam Merton Cooper (Twelve 12)

March 2002: “Degrees of Apprenticeship”: Sarah Lawrence College MFA Program and “Living in the Falling Apart as Gathering the Storm…” (WTC Special)

February 2002: “Confinement”

January 2002: “A Prague Summer”


December 2001: “The Desert”

November 2001: “Taking the Vapors” (WTC) and “Handful of Thunder” (Rattapallax, selected)

October 2001: “The Imaginary/The Unimaginable”

September 2001: “Seeds Foresung” (Asian American Writers) Guest editors: Tina Chang, Ravi Shankar, Rafiq Kathwari

August 2001: “The Kiss” and Fairytales

July 2001: “Big City Lit Goes Country” —Northern Catskills; The Hudson; The Dark (newsstand version)

June 2001: “Only the Dead…” (The Vietnam War)

May 2001: “Degrees of Affinity”: Distinguished Alumni from the Columbia Writing Division

April 2001: “Light and Questions Through the Window”: Devotional Poetry and Music, Sacred and Profane

March 2001: “Water to Wine to Waterford®”: The Lyric Recovery Festival™ 2000 Collection

February 2001: “The Occasional Groundhog” and The Hudson Pier Poets

January 2001: “Because They Did” (Feminists)

December 2000: “Degrees of Apprenticeship”: Brooklyn College MFA Program