January 25, 2022

Summer 2021


Grown Men and their Toys by Christopher Clauss

A Short History of My Long Hair by Peggy Landsman

Among Grotesque Trees by Millicent Accardi

Anisomelia by Lauren Scharhag

Baggage Reclaim by Ben Nardolilli

An element of unfairness. by DS Maolalai

A Selection from “A Month of Someday” by Gerald Wagoner

birthday wishes by Linda Wimberly

Elegy #21 by Martin Willitts Jr

Karen and the Birdwatcher by Angie Dribben

Like and Care by Richard Levine

The Necessity  of Lancing by Greg Huteson

Lines by James King

Outtakes From the Movie of My Life by Lois Roma-Deeley

Rites of Marriage by Marilee Pritchard

Sakura by Daisy Bassen

Telling My Grandmother About This Life by Kathleen Hogan

tusk by Kathleen Hellen

On Hearing the News of a Friend’s Death While in Honolulu, November 2019 by Benjamin Balthaser

Hills Like White Elephants by Benjamin Balthaser

White Boys by Simran Singh Jain

An Almost Love Letter to an Almost Stranger by Simran Singh Jain

Why I Quit 6 AM Yoga by Stan Rubin

Bird at Window by Stan Rubin

Wolf Shadow by Shira Dentz

My Father’s a Psychologist by Talya Jankovits

When I Say Loving Me Is Like Eating Cherry Tomatoes by Cameron Chiovitti

Stepping into the Sea by Maria Lisella


The Fickle Messiah by J. Paul Ross

Purple by Francine Witte

The Young Waitress by Sue Brennan

What Happened to My Parents After They Gave Me Up by Shoshauna Shy

The New Moon in the Old Moon’s Arms by David Hallock Sanders

Semicolon by Karen DeGroot Carter


You Turn Me On! by Alan Swyer

Cora’s Kayak by Cari Oleskewicz

Magritte’s Aerial Imagination by Kimmo Rosenthal


Plight & Power: A Kurdish Woman’s Journey in Daughters of Smoke and Fire by Ava Homa by Holly Mason

Bland Fanatics and White Crusades: A Review of Bland Fanatics: Liberals, Race, and Empire by Pankaj Mishra by Katherine Judith Anderson

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