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House of Corners
by LyR 2002 winner,
Bertha Rogers


Because They Did
Jan '01 Feature
Print Series Version
(Artist: C Yellowhawk)



Photo: M Berdeshevky


Photo: "Calla Lilies" © 2001 George Kunze

Results from Lyric Recovery Festival™ at Carnegie's Weill Hall
Alfred Corn's selections for top honors, as announced at the event on March 27, were:

1st: "Rhomboid" by Bertha Rogers of Treadwell, (Delaware Co.) New York
2nd: "Dutch Interior: The Artist and His Model" by Gyorgyi Voros of Blacksburg, VA
3rd: "Lentils" by Pete Wolf Smith of Manhattan

Title/Author List of LyR's 50 Honorees
~ . ~ Top 20 Poems ~ . ~
A 48-page anthology, Rain of One Ocean, is scheduled to appear
this summer from Headwaters/Hudson Press, NY.

The PSA's Robert H. Winner Award has just gone to Big City Litcontributing editor,
Margo Berdeshevsky.

Live Performances/Recording Sessions

Watch for the print version release of
Big City Lit's Brightest Lights collection for 2001.

Fri, Apr 12, 6:30 $8 We record our April feature, "I am thee," with renown contributors Mervyn Taylor (An Island of His Own; The Goat) and Sylvie Kandé. In a 'meet the composer'-style session, Paul Winston discusses and performs piano excerpts from his ballet based on the Black legend of Staggerlee, a New Orleans waterfront bully pursued by the ghost of his murder victim. Also, LyR winners Bertha Rogers and Gyorgyi Voros, who were unavoidably absent from the event, receive their awards. Refreshments. At Teachers & Writers Collaborative, 5 Union Square West, 7th Fl. (212) 691-6590. Web

Fri, Apr 19 7:00 $5 La Plume Series continues its offer of foreign language poetry, presenting Rafiq Kathwari with work in Urdu and Paolo Javier with work in Tagalog, plus open mic. Founding curator: Marlene Vidibor. At Center for Book Arts, 28 W 27th St, 3rd Fl (ring 7 if locked). Info: (917) 903-1177 or (212) 864-2823.

TBA, mid-May We record our May feature, "Poems on Paintings," with work from contributors, Terri Witek, Ellen Peckham, Ernest Hilbert, Phil Fried, Charles Fishman, Rob Wright, and others.

Call for submissions:
(Note: List is not restrictive nor preclusive of other themes.)

9/11 and related events; Erotica; Dramatic Monologue; Fathers; Colors; Epigrams; Self-Portrait;
Shoes (socks optional); Moving/Motion; Dust; Corridors; Insects; Cemeteries; Smoking; Cuba; Infanticide.
Consult Submissions for guidelines,Masthead for editorial policy, also Bridge City Lit and Big City, Little pages. Query first on articles over 750 words.

In This Issue: April 2002

Held over:
Living in the Falling Apart
as Gathering the Storm . . .

This month's feature, "I am Thee," offers a half-dozen poem sampling each of recent work by Mervyn Taylor and by Sylvie Kandé. Also appearing are the twenty poems selected as finalists and semifinalists in the 2002 Lyric Recovery Festival™ competition. Our hand-picked Twelve page features the versatility, range, and humor—footed to footloose—of three-time LyR honoree, Adam Merton Cooper. The cumulative Big City, Little page adds a piece on New York, "Thunder Young," by Martin Galvin.

Fiction/Short Prose:

Long accepted, but longer in coming to these pages, we present the first half of the 6000-word, "The People Downstairs" by Terry Stokes. The story's denominated Part Two begins with Chapter One. The rest has its own particular logic as well, from a narrator who acknowledges that his "karmic wheel seems to be off its rim." April's short prose is "Shaggy Dog Monologue" by Alan Girling illustrated by an image designed by CJ Leg.


The Phone of All Phones
by Leo Vanderpot
When cell phone technology lets the essayist call anyone anywhere anytime, he solicits wisdom on the state of the world and its latest wars from politicians and other opinionated persons, living and dead.

MoMA Deaccessions 1000 Eugène Atget Prints through Exclusive Dealer David Tunick

Wordspace: An Innovative System of Writer Training (Second Installment)
by Paul Pierog
What was 'lyric'?
Huddled since mid-century as "global village" around a dominant source of imagery, sound, even meaning, we must make uncommon use of language to ferry us beyond its perimeter to the essential, shared harmonics. Many of this year's honorees achieved just that.
Ten Mile Meadow Project: A Conservatory of Land and Language (with photos).
Watch for announcements of summer writers retreats and forums.
A NYSCA Decentralization Program funding award was presented to chief organizer, The Author's Watermark, at the State Assembly in Albany on February 12.

Reviews by Tim Scannell:

This Morning According to Dog by Taylor Graham
Learning to Lie by Albert Huffstickler
Labyrinth, Patricia Wellingham-Jones (ed.)
To Be the Fourth Wise Man by Giovanni Malito
At The Turning of the Light by CB Follett


Witness From Bethlehem:
Non-Violent Kentucky Activists Hit a War Zone
by Paul McDonald

On March 27, Carla Wallace and five other peace activists from the International Solidarity Movement left Louisville with the express intention of joining other Internationals, Israelis, and Palestinians in demonstrating for a non-violent solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their agenda included the planting of olive trees in Palestinian orchards, but actual events were strikingly different.

Series on Series:
Word: The Jay Iveson Memorial Poetry & Music Festival (June 8) sponsored by Exoterica

Series/Event Reviews:

Emily Grosholz and Eleanor Wilner at the Roerich (02/19)
by Nicholas Johnson, Sr. Poetry Ed.
Galway Kinnell and C.K. Williams at the 92nd St Y (02/25)
by Larissa Shmailo

Other Arts: Dance
A preview, with photographs, of Francis Patrelle's full-length Pop! premiering Thursday, April 11: "A public performance of hidden motives—3 Couples, 3 New Years, 3 Decades, and the Search for Joy." Music from the 30's, 40's, and 50's. At the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College, 68th & Lex/Park (212) 772-4448.

Free Expression:

Breaking the Fast Food Chain: Upper West Side Neighborhood United in Self-Determination

Legal Forum:

John Walker Lyndh: The Indictment

Print Series:

Pending the load of a complete listing, please query regarding availability of monograph reprints of work appearing in June's Vietnam and other issues.
We are preparing Big City Lit's Brightest Lights collection for 2001.


(The editors invite for publication well-written letters or speakeasy pieces on any topic of concern or interest to the magazine's readers. See Letters Page for length, language, and other details.)


Poetry Chapbook:
The magazine invites submissions of 16-24 pages of (primarily) unpublished poems, including title page, table of contents, acknowledgments, and bio note. Format: MSW 98 or 95 TNR 12 (14 for titles; initial caps only). Send hard copy (separate page for each title, but not section) with disc, SA postcard, and $15 check or money order to Big City Lit, Contest/Poetry, Box 1141, Cathedral Sta. NY 10025. MSS not returned; all work considered for magazine publication. Postmark deadline: May 31, 2002. Winner and honorable mentions announced in August. Publication by Headwaters Press, NY, cash award, plus magazine-sponsored reading and awards presentation in New York.

Individual Poem:
Relevant guidelines, as above, apply. Fee: $5/poem.

Relevant guidelines, as above, apply. Fee: Shorts (to 1000 wds) $10; standard (to 3500) $15; long (6000 max.) $20. Awards and magazine publication in each length category. Unpublished manuscripts only.

~ . ~ The magazine is intended to be read in Palatino, and preferably in Netscape. ~ . ~
Note to contributors: To cite your work in the Archive,
indicate the month, e.g. Jun2001/contents/poetrydusk.html.


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