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Enid Dame
Thomas Catterson
(9/17/43 - 12/1/03)
Copper Canyon Press

Robert Lowell Translation Prize
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Intermediating Surfaces

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Personal Faith,
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Map of Vienna (1683)

May '03 'A-Maying'
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Château and bridge at Chenonceau, residence of Diane de Poitiers, mistress of Henry II, and site in 1560 of the first fireworks exhibit in France. (Photo:  Jacques Bolloch)

Each heretofore unknown river wants us;
each tree wishes our flight past every
rent petal, cold-emboldened insect.
All piebald horses stand ready to cheer.

(—Bertha Rogers)

Live Performances/Recording Sessions/Radio Broadcasts

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Big City Lit's Brightest Lights collection for 2003.

Thurs 1/22 6:00 p.m. Contributors to this month's feature "What We Have:  a Drift of White, a Wisp of Blue" guest-edited by Martin Mitchell read and record at Cornelia Street Café ($6, includes drink).

Mon., March 22, 2004, 7:30 p.m.
 Lyric Recovery Festival™, Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall
Lucie Brock-Broido features at biannual event. Alfred Corn delivers the session essay and Glyn Maxwell judges the final round. Submissions to be postmarked by February 1, 2004. [Guidelines] Top prize:  $1000. Semifinalists selected by a judge panel in public reading at Poets House on February 21, 4-7. The LyR 2002 anthology, Rain of One Ocean, is available from Headwaters Press.

Call for submissions:
(Note: List is not restrictive nor preclusive of other themes.)

Dramatic Monologue (poetry: e.g. "My Last Dutchess"); Epigrams; Moving/Motion; Dust; Corridors; Insects; Cemeteries; Smoking; Infanticide; Montreal/Quebec (surtout francophone); Surrealism; Timepieces; Kites; Suicide; 'Lovesick'; Hands and Gloves; How the Other Half:  Rich vs. Poor; Wells; Windmills; and Small Town Wherewithal
(Bolding indicates features which are scheduled to appear very soon.)

Consult Submissions for guidelines, Masthead for editorial policy,
also Bridge City Lit and Big City, Little pages.
Please query first on articles over 750 words.

In This Issue:  January 2004

"What We Have:  a Drift of White, a Wisp of Blue" is this month's feature guest-edited by Martin Mitchell. Contributors include Eamon Grennan, Kurt Brown, Gardner McFall, and Mervyn Taylor. Our hand-picked Twelve 12 page features work by Ian Christopher Hooper, Elisa Geither, Brenda Morisse, and Ian Kahn. We have added a special section of poems by Thomas M. Catterson (9/17/43 - 12/1/03).

James Simpson's "Behind the Wheel", winner of the long category, is the third of three stories drawn from the magazine's Spring-Summer 2003 fiction contest. In it, a hobbyist restoring the vintage Chevy of his youth is drawn to preserve the boyhood of another.

A Quill Pen in a Shot Glass: a Memoir of Thomas M. Catterson (9/17/43 - 12/1/03)
by Robert Dunn

Stubby Peg:  The Beats
by Tim Scannell
Sullen ideologies and run-of-the-mill vices are simply pegs too stubby on which to hang a literary hat.

Poems Are Phantom Limbs:  Thomas Catterson
by Maureen Holm

Highly Recommended—Essay:  "Four Score and Seven Billion"
The World's Biggest Tab:  Banqueting upon borrowing in the nation's capital
by Wayne Biddle (Harper's)
The Navy intends to maintain fifty-five attack submarines for which there has been no enemy opponent whatsoever since the Soviet fleet's demise. While Annapolis grads are busy avoiding collisions with whales, West Pointers will be deposing despots with [antique] tanks and helicopters. Small wonder that such a force is deployed eagerly against Afghanistan and Iraq, but with infinite caution against North Korea.

Recent Articles from Germany's Der Spiegel on Howard Dean's Success and on the Diebold Voting Machine Controversy.
For comprehensive coverage on HR2239 and a pdf link, see

Kate Light's Open Slowly: An Achievement of Form
by Philip Miller
It may be Light's lack of pretension and insistence on the sensible, on the real, that makes her work remarkable and needed.


Daniela Gioseffi Talks to William Pitt Root about 'Political Poetry'
The rhetoric of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech is so elaborately figured and passionately fired that I, for one, even after hearing it countless times, still have no difficulty taking it as straight to my heart as I take the speeches of Shakespeare. In other words, as poetry.

Series/Event Reviews:

American Literary Translators Conference, Cambridge, Mass. (Nov 11-15)

Other Arts:  Theatre
Hatch and Noguere's The Stone House, The Blues Legend Adapted for the Stage

Free Expression:
Attorney General Ashcroft Under Fire for Ordering Surveillance of Anti-War Movement

Legal Forum:

New York Civil Liberties Union Sues New York Police Department for Conduct During February 15 Demonstration

No Chad Left Behind:  Touch Screen Voting Machines
Representative Rush Holt of New Jersey, who has introduced a bill [HR2239] requiring that digital voting machines leave a paper trail and that their software be available for public inspection, is occasionally told that systems lacking these safeguards haven't caused problems. "How do you know?" he asks. (NYTimes, Dec. 2, Krugman)

Big Government in Your Driveway:  A Honker Tax Write-Off for Hummers, A Bleep for Hybrids
The tax savings on that Range Rover? More than $25,000 in the top brackets. In contrast, those who buy ultra-efficient gas-electric hybrids for personal use get a tax deduction of $2,000, worth at most $700.

Print Series:

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We are preparing Big City Lit's Brightest Lights collection for 2003.


(The editors invite for publication well-written letters or speakeasy pieces on any topic of concern or interest to the magazine's readers. See Letters Page for length, language, and other details.)

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Rain of One Ocean
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Distance from the Tree
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Dana Gioia, Alice Notley, D. Nurkse, James Ragan, Ron Price et al.

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