December 1, 2021

Andrew Marvell Goes to Williams Sonoma after “To His Coy Mistress”

Had I but world enough and thymeand leisure too, to pass the timewhile buying—I would window shopthe newest pans; the freshest cropof lavender from France, flown inlast night would fuel my only sin.Extravagance in cooking makesfor novel drinks and tastier cakes;I’d, by the checkout counter finda tool to grate an orange rindin record time—and then […]

A Constellation of Poets

Rumi and Khayyam sang of god––or wine;Fitzgerald and Millay both liked their ginwith or without a twist of Persian limeDorothy Parker played bridge to drink and win,and Oscar Wilde was fond of chilled champagne.Poor Dylan Thomas had a glass of ryetoo many and though he did not complain,he stopped his writing long enough to die.While […]

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