by Geer Austin You moved to another state and I roamed from man to man to woman from Mulberry Street to West Street to alphabet streets, past sex workers on Delancey, where cars rattled and bumped toward Williamsburg, shaking my bones while viruses and parasites and bacteria flirted with my cells. And what I heard

Team Ally

by Ian Macks To protect our culture from racial biases and transgressions To emasculating cis-het black men and teaching them a lesson To eschewing accountability via manifestation and platitudes To manipulate through tarot readings and strike down religious beatitudes “Big Al” “G-Unit” Team Ally! Taking anti-‘s at the speed of light The “bad bitches” at


by Chelsea Fanning : the hole in your tooth your tongue keeps probing. : the break in the dust from a mislaid book. : the chair depression where the cat always napped. : the condensation ring on the bedside table. : the steady thrum of a record needle after the last track. : the crushed

Lipstick Forensics

by Marjorie Maddox Give me the pattern of pucker clinging so unsweetly to each cock- tail glass of seductive deceit cracked beside a creased napkin briefly branded with blots of Cruel Ruby— no ambivalent Rorschach of lips but this identical XOs match beside a pale corpse with cheeks tattooed so beautifully with the indelible smack

Elegy for Father and Son

by David B. Prather I am my father’s anger, his hands at my throat, his fingers a ring of flames around my neck. The Ohio River catches fire, a glaze of industrial chemicals raging through the night, witch’s hair, devil’s tongue. The hottest fire I know burns in the wood stove. Embers fall and scorch