Andrew Marvell Goes to Williams Sonoma after “To His Coy Mistress”

by Jordi Alonso

Had I but world enough and thyme
and leisure too, to pass the time
while buying—I would window shop
the newest pans; the freshest crop
of lavender from France, flown in
last night would fuel my only sin.
Extravagance in cooking makes
for novel drinks and tastier cakes;
I’d, by the checkout counter find
a tool to grate an orange rind
in record time—and then I’d see
A new Sonoma coupon: “Free
cocktail shaker when you spend
this much before October ends.
I knew I had to have it! Hell,
20 percent off mint as well?
Had I but world enough and time,
some Brussels sprouts, white truffle oil,
to fry, sauté, or just to boil
and drizzle on some haute cuisine
                        Vanilla beans!
They’re “rare”, “from Madagascar” and
would go quite well in next week’s flan.
Love, you should, if you please, refuse
until I’ve found us some Chartreuse.
Those lonely poets long ago
could never say what we all know
they should. It’s better to be clear
when one would like to cuddle near
a fireplace, or, if that’s not the style,
to go for, just to pass the while.
If you love veggies, then, I know
of a cute garden we could grow
some carrots in. If you like chard
come dig some furrows in my yard.
If it is true all you have eyes
for is fresh bread, I too will rise.
Oh, finally, lest I forget
and have my silence to regret,
do let me know if you like dill
when we come to my place to chill.