September 25, 2022

Substitute Teacher

by Susana H. Case   I was nineteen in Ohio. Mornings, the phone rang with my assignment. I’d run down the hill to catch the bus— a different school most mornings— clutching a bag of M&M’s for lunch. Principals said, just keep the students quiet. Poor Maurice—same size as me, but mentally a six-year-old—all deficits […]

It’s About Time, by Barry Wallenstein

New York Quarterly Books February, 2022, 124 pages, $18.95 ISBN: 978-1-63045-082-3 Review by Susana H. Case The pun in the title of Barry Wallenstein’s new and eleventh poetry collection, It’s About Time, is that of impending mortality, the diminution of the number of years left for vital living. “The cornucopia is no longer / overflowing” […]

Workdays (after Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

Sometimes on the Q train, I’m tempted to stay all the way to Coney Island, the end of the line, commuters clutching Starbucks cups under cement skies, to where love is, where I might walk barefoot on sand, or eat Russian vareniki with fried onions, watch the old people sun themselves to crinkled ruin, semi-naked […]


Boy crazy, the doctor tsked—the phraselodged in my mother’s throat, as she made sure she heard,repeating it correctly.She was easily fooled by the right diplomas.He prescribed black and aquapills. I lost time in there; days ballooned away from me.Life is a candy standwith a thirty-year lease, if you’re a pretty girl in America.He broke the […]