by Bruce McRae Print neatly or not at all Name: My name is Legion. Address: That which cannot be found. Age: Time is relative to motion. Sex: Inexorable. Education: St Gary’s School for the Marred. Previous employment: Carrier of water, hewer of stone. Keeper in a dark tower. Qualifications: I am that I am. References:

Insomniacs Anonymous

by Bruce McRae As you may surmise,we hold our meetings at night,our torment unreasonable,our pallor make-up won’t allay.Witches convening in a moonlit glade.Criminals washing the bloodoff their roughened hands.The happy-go-lucky undead,eschewing brains for a bucket of coffee. We pledge allegiance with a yawn.We sit. We stand. We kneel,beseeching sleepless gods and demons.But never do we