by Ellen Peckham This Sunday morning given to translations I find myself in tears reading a poem of my own but experienced afresh in Spanish. It recounts elements of your death that having, I thought, at last assimilated I can speak aloud in English.   But find, memory resurrected, an effigy newly delivered. The force

Insomniacs Anonymous

by Bruce McRae As you may surmise,we hold our meetings at night,our torment unreasonable,our pallor make-up won’t allay.Witches convening in a moonlit glade.Criminals washing the bloodoff their roughened hands.The happy-go-lucky undead,eschewing brains for a bucket of coffee. We pledge allegiance with a yawn.We sit. We stand. We kneel,beseeching sleepless gods and demons.But never do we

Drinking in the Afterlife

by Michael Steffen Headstones sprout in ragged rows on hills, graves with potted plants and loved ones praying for the bliss of their dearly departed, whom I imagine are bellying up in the hereafter, shotgunning beers, guzzling altar wine, marinating in bottles of Three Penis Liquor under the blue neon of disbelief. I mean, is


by Ian Ganassi Whichever box I open it will be the wrong box. The longer it goes on the deeper the inflammation. You don’t need a microscope to see the devil;Most likely he’ll want to shake you by the hand. But he’s not the only one. As Freud said, “The patients are disgusting!” Off with

Us In Reverse

by Omobola Osamor I find it under your side of the bed.I wondered what you wrote; I gave up my search long ago.We spar, laugh, and share a bottle of wine in my head.How does the world continue when mine has fallen apart?How do the stars shine when mine has disappeared?How can the ground be


by Jonathan Fletcher Though nearly thirty, I turn back into a six-year-old boy on the corner of your bed. I’m still afraid of the dark. I need a nightlight, my mother’s pats atop my back, before I can fall asleep.  I ask you to leave the lights bright. With annoyance, you dim the room, remind

Chaos Theory

by VA Smith Watch me bathe myself in the coolblues, grays, and sages of the livingroom I have filled with mutedleathers, nubby, Klee-esque rugs,Carrara marble poured over manteland counter. When his stainless-steel bowl fliesinto the refrigerator, bounces coleslaw across the floor, confettiscabinets with cabbage, my eyesclose to Yo Yo Ma bowing Bach’sCello Sonata in G Minor Prelude,open

Subway Song

by Laura Goldin After an earlier incident your brain is running with delays in both directions. For alternative service between thought patterns, please exit your head at the approaching paradigm shift. Curtsying begins with you and makes a better ride for everyone.  Consider giving ground to pregnant and disgruntled persons, bearing in mind that not

Mothers of Invention

by Charles Rammelkamp Who invented the striptease? The performance goes back to ancient Babylonia, but the term was first used in 1932. Hinda Wassau, the 1920’s burlesque star, claimed to have invented the striptease when, as a chorus girl, her dress snapped and the audience went wild. Billy Rose recruited Hinda in the 1930’s. “The