Subway Song

by Laura Goldin

After an earlier incident your brain is running
with delays in both directions.

For alternative service between thought patterns,
please exit your head at the approaching paradigm shift.

Curtsying begins with you and makes a better ride
for everyone.  Consider giving ground

to pregnant and disgruntled persons, bearing in mind that
not all discombobulations are visible.

You know proximity is no excuse for close encounters.
Share the pole; hold nothing by its breasts.

Don’t think too hard – a proper balance of considerations will
arise like belching canon smoke

from the pure filter of your empty mind.
If you shoot something, sort someone.

Discard no trash.
Be safe and have a syncopated day.

You’re on the platform, wrapped in bed sheets.
Shoe-less and soot-gray, you have observation poking

from between your toes.  You still see everything.
It’s been years since you had anything to say.