by Leeore Schnairsohn CHAPTER ONE In the beginning it was all machines. Excavators dug channels through the wrecks of hotels and restaurants that coated the beach. Drones picked through the smaller pieces, hunting human remains before the waves or seagulls could get them. Bulldozers organized the concrete and plaster into hills the size of apartment

The Summer of Ebright

by Lydia Tai When I was seventeen, I knew a boy who told me a story that I’d never believe. His name was Ebright, and his eyes were a starry deep blue, bluer than the ocean during a storm. Ebright was taken from his parents at the age of seven. This might have had something


by Martin Toman The sun beat down. Hot air blasted into the cabin through the open windows. It was a long drive back to the vineyard from town, made dangerous by the rutted road. William bounced around on the bench seat, concentrating on avoiding the channels carved out of the surface by heavy winter rains,

Nothing Lost in Translation

by Allen Sherman My girlfriend Nicole spent most of her childhood in Italy. Her mother still lived there. After Nicole and I had been lovers for three years, her mother wanted to meet me. So, to celebrate Nicole’s twenty-fifth birthday, she sent us plane tickets to Milan. I arrived jetlagged, disoriented, and overjoyed to be

Branching Off in Shadow Heights

by Richard Squires                       Hana just had to sample the shit before we got to the park, before we’d even gotten out of Newark. “We can bump it off my science book,” she said. “I’ll set it up and you roll the joint.” “What’s the rush?” I asked. “Shit’s gonna bounce all over the place.” “Fine, Sammy.

A Phone Call

by Maxim Matusevich —Hello? —You have exactly twenty seconds to guess who is calling you! —Excuse me? I really… —Come on! GUESS! —I can’t… but you sound… familiar? —Well, thank you, that’s at least something… FAMILIAR… And you sound so FORMAL. Is it because I’m calling you at work? —No, it’s because I’m still trying