The Fickle Messiah

by J. Paul Ross UNNATURAL OCCURRENCE ON KLONDIKE STREET [From the Weekly Standard Gazette, September 15, 2019] In all my years covering the important goings on in our fair city, never before has this reporter witnessed a tale like the one I am about to describe. It is so amazing, so unbelievable that it may


by Francine Witte One day, Elm Street turns purple. Amethyst, lilac, and mauve. Everything, everywhere licked with it. Mr. Jones, from what used to be the yellow house, steps out on his mulberry lawn. This is the work of hoodlums, he says. He drives away to find the police, his car leaving deep orchid fumes.

The Young Waitress

by Sue Brennan Aaron figured out which waitress was the one in the story. He’d come here before midday because in the story Eva complained about having to get ready for work while trying not to disturb her sleeping boyfriend, Geoff. Aaron varied his visits between 7am and midday over a week. There were three


by Karen DeGroot Carter If I was a punctuation mark, I’d be a semicolon; I can never leave well enough alone. Like if a stranger sits next to me and Ellie on a stool in a coffee shop and says so much as hello, I’ll tell them my life story. Which life story I tell