Bland Fanatics and White Crusades: A Review of Bland Fanatics: Liberals, Race, and Empire by Pankaj Mishra

by Katherine Judith Anderson In 1884, a white American named Lyman Stewart founded Union Oil of California. To get his start, he’d leveraged the American “rule of capture,” which granted drillers the right to siphon out any oil they discovered below the surface, no matter who owned the land itself. By 1920, Union Oil owned

Stepping into the Sea

by Maria Lisella You let me, your stepmother, Take your hand to walk into the surf, let slippery seaweed wrap around your ankles like emerald ribbons. We step on the edge of lacey waves that feel like butter on hot skin. You hold back, your mother’s fear of the sea, fear of me, sways you.

Wolf Shadow

by Shira Dentz They say we went out on a limb, rustling more than flame between cracks, heat-packs. Moonlight hides, someone wrote as if the truth shows itself once a month, on schedule. The same goes for the entire secret. They say shadows are clues, nothing more. : : They say shadows are clues, nothing

Bird at Window

by Stan Rubin I will wait all morning until the magpie finally breaks through the glass on its twenty-fifth try or twenty-eighth, who knows how many there’ve been, bird attacking glass again and again just because he sees his own reflection and mistakes it for a mate. But he’s magnificent in the persistence of his

Why I Quit 6 AM Yoga

by Stan Rubin The way heart and soul are transformed to Wisdom is not as the yogi promised in the rented space in the shopping center where students gather before work to test the body, its garland of pains and spoilage that is never ending. ii. You must practice continually, to reach the place where

White Boys

by Simran Singh Jain I have this bad habit of searching for myself inside of blue eyes. I expect to gaze into them and see myself skinny dipping, swimming the backstroke and laughing as I let my hair straighten out in our private pool water. Or perhaps the bad habit is that I’m shocked every