September 25, 2022

Wisteria and Weeds

by Pamela L. Laskin   Going to grow a gorgeous garden with wisteria blooming between begonias and roses ripe with longing. I had the seeds, the soil. All was ripe for blossoming. even the way I measured the distance between where the seeds were planted. How could I have known the heat was venomous, the […]


To Mom No place to moveglued to a wheelchairshe can’t operate;I push herbut at ninety-fourthere is nowhereshe wants to go, yet she clingsto the wheelsnow legs, waitsfor her next meala dreamof fulfillmenteach morsel swallowedfrom her toothless smilea remindershe’s alive. Pamela L. LaskinPamela L. Laskin is a lecturer in the English Department at City College, where […]

Said No One Ever by Gregory Crosby

Review by Pamela L. Laskin                      Gregory Crosby’s latest collection of poetry, Said No One Ever, is a nostalgic journey back through popular culture, music, art, form, birth and transformation as he explores the ghosts and the music of language. Ghosts since so many people Crosby has known and loved have died, and the way he keeps […]

He Called for Mama

In memory, George Floyd Eight minutes on his chesthe called for Mama now George Floyd is deadhe called for Mama in heaven now with Godand also Mama Black boys still harassedwithout their Mamas children they are bruisedwithout their Mamas while others in their graveswith tears of Mamas. Pamela L. LaskinPamela L. Laskin is a lecturer […]