September 25, 2022

Love Poem

by Gretchen Primack   Some of your brother’s illness was there all along, some bloomed as he came of age. You came of age in the bunk below, his shrieks staining the ceiling, grease from his head staining the wall. He is still there. You climbed out how you could. You have a trace of […]

Cold Keen Pole

Time is a fire as tired as a tunnel and as tiredas a verb. Doris feels filled at night witha bitter mustard. She has given and got as hardas the rest, a princess of chafe, a sorcererof sore and apprentice to fault. She has winkedwhile the moon rolled its sour eye. Damn it, she wants […]

The Woman I’ve Become

Who cares?The world’s legis broken in two places,its wing in three. It hates the cagescrusting its body:the cages of weeddealers, the cagesof hens. The woman I’ve become wantsto open every one.You? Gretchen PrimackGretchen Primack is the author of Kind, republished by Lantern Books in 2021; Visiting Days (Willow Books Editors Select Series); and Doris’ Red […]