July 5, 2022

To Our Readers

‘The lost ones go over the same old ground. So many pathways, back and forth, make clear the way they came and went.’ – from “In the Woods” Nicholas Johnson 1944 – 2019 Dear Friends, Poet Nicholas Johnson passed away in August 2019. We at Bright Hill Press were honored to publish his book, Degrees […]


Last leaves scuffle for placeamong blood-beating pigeons,ripped edges ruffle downward,doves beating up. Blood-beaten pigeonspinioned against gravity—doves beat up,pinions push down, pulse. Pinned by gravity,rustling wind-ripped leaves,pinions pulsing down, pushing.They fall to brash gravity. Ruffling, wind-ripped leaves,leaving tired trees,fall from brash branchesthrough the going season. Leaves leave tired trees,they flop into breezesin this gone season.Some leaves […]


Could not describethe flow of handson her skin,his cave kisses, talking lips. Couldn’t exciteneighbors with talk—yellow leaves finding ground,March’s themed snow,slammed doors. The house spoke for her,spun its silence likedrifted mote throughcracked windows. And when it was finished,she could never,not ever beg sympathyfrom the walls,who had turnedtheir faces to empty floors. Bertha RogersBertha Rogers is a […]


—That she was nothingin the face of morning rising,viburnum snaking the uprighton its way to her father’s roof. Or, she was flux only—heading downward, body listing,blooming the wrong way whilehorses made their opinions knownto the passing road. Or, caught in the actof clasping soft shoesto white-stockinged ankles—she was less, even, than change. Yet she would wake—walk purposefully,call […]


We didn’t say what we knew—didn’t tell them that they didn’town their choices, that they wereas dead in their skins as the rest of us,their surfaces too likeautumn’s Amanita Muscaria—so pretty so tempting so necessary—that sitting right down on the mosscircling, chartreuse, among the sprucesseemed just right. Yes, we wishedto be there, where zero burst frombeneath […]