One Reason for the French Revolution

by Brad Rose

The Miami real estate market is so hot, it’s melting the North Pole. Naturally, you can’t tell who’s innocent and who’s guilty just by looking at a courthouse. My doctor says I’m not taking enough drugs, but I told him that in a flight simulator, a bird doesn’t need any wings. Luckily, after my latest bank robbery I had enough money left over to have my fortune read by Madame Pommade. She took one look at my greasy lifeline and said that if I eat my ice cream while standing up, it won’t have any calories. Hey, it’s Paris fashion week, again. Yeah, I know what you mean. Don’t you just love the emperor’s new outfit? I’m telling you, that guy dresses sharper than a guillotine. He’s the bomb. Some people say he doesn’t have much on, but in my opinion, he’s always dressed to kill.