10 Poems You Won’t Survive . . . . . . and 10 You Just Might

by Jim Bohen

10 Poems You Won’t Survive . . .

  • the chute won’t open.
  • the oxygen is running out; it’s outer
    space, no rescue ship.
  • you’re on the list from Robespierre.
  • a new gestapo’s cornered you;
    it’s only a matter of time.
  • your army lost to Genghis Khan.
  • the bounty hunter “Never-Alive”
    is on your trail — his trigger finger
    itches; you’re getting very pale.
  • you’re Julius Caesar, Ides of March.
  • lifeboats gone, ocean’s cold,
    Titanic’s cracked and going down.
  • your name’s Macbeth;
    the wood to Dunsinane has come.
  • the cancer has metastasized,
    containing it is done.

. . . and 10 You Just Might

a lightning strike, a head-on-crash,
a mass shooting, the London Blitz.
a Nazi concentration camp,
a nasty fall, Moby Dick.
a terror attack, barrel bombs
dropped on your town, Mrs. Peacock
in the hall with the candlestick.