by Laura Zaino We take our medicine carefully. We dole it out one measured dose at a time, ever mindful of the side effects, the after effects, the longing. ​400 mg ibuprofen ​.25 mg xanax ​4 oz whiskey ​15 mg adderall When I step out onto the sidewalk I look up at the sky, trying

You Are The Only One Inside Your Head

by Laura Zaino Feed it well: think good thoughts, cultivate fortitude. Believe impossible things– before breakfast, after breakfast, whenever you’re awake. Stay wild, fuck often. When your ears ring listen to the tone fade out until the very last thread of vibration releases. Laura ZainoLaura Zaino is a lover of life, finding beauty even when


by Laura Zaino Be careful what you write—one day someone might read it, and then the inside’s out, and then what will you do? … Encapsulated experience escaped. … Float your bubble elsewhere, carry your singular delight, each passing moment coated in changing light filtered through all your perfect moods, modes. Except that nobody ever