Intimate Architecture

by Frederick Livingston

which is farther:
Seattle or
my own heart?

some years I visit
the city more often –
once for two weeks

have you ever lived
in your heart
so continuously?

we’re so contiguous
I’d arrive in two
weeks walking

our paved veins           far
simpler than reaching into
a cage of muscle and bone…

how far to Albuquerque
or a stranger’s heart?
I’ve never been

but if it’s like
any city
I can smell

slipping slick
through storm drains

can hear apology
brush past
bus passengers

taking up space
clogged with
rush and worry

watch the
people of my
rose petal clockwork

guard the
quivering home
inside them

evade each other’s
gaze while aching
to be seen

circle the same circuits
restlessly for another
flutter of oxygen

tethered to
one feathered breath