His Majesty’s Favourite Imaginary Psychedelic Rock Bands

by Lenny DellaRocca 

Bad Apothecary. Gin Radish. The Amazing Space
Ship. The Savior
and His Painted
Automatic Machine.
Pete, Lyla &
Grim. Syntax
Dream. Canary Weather.
Cult of Red. Organic
Buffoon. Rusty Fred.
Her Fine Rabbit.
The Blame.
The Stunning
Goats. Bop
Rain and Tin.
Violet Anus.
Sometimes the Patrol Goes Far Away Like a
Circus. Frog & Toad Pub.
and the Orange
Tub. Solo Demure.
Zen Harp.
Mahjong Lighthouse.
Carpé Lunatic.
The Telephone
Liars. Beg.
The Junespoon
Moon. Yellow
Wires. The Big
Sniff. Whiff of Lennon.
Not the Goon. The Snot.
Grown-Up Poets Shout So What So What So What So What.