day 41

by Paul Robert Mullen

and most folk
stayed at home // followed the rules
prayed for an end in sight
took up new hobbies
binged on Netflix
had a lie-in (or two)
spent valued time with the kids
took a deep breath // time to stare at the walls
made phone-calls they’d been meaning
                to make for months
started to write (…there’s a book in everyone…)
walked for miles
made waves with DIY
lived life on Instagram
                chatting // imagining // procrastinating
read that book they always had to
sang some songs
danced to the heartbeat of a stranded nation
talked with meaning
tended the garden with an undiscovered pride
took a drink // stayed up late
rested // healed // pressed reset
started to think about things
a little differently
                like they always hoped they might
given the chance