Sarah Sarai

Title in Search of a Better Life

“Pantyliner Notes.”
It’s yours, my hands are washed
for at least twenty seconds.
“Girl with a Pearl Jam Earring.”
“Tess of the Rosenthals.”
Confidence lost in bluster is
gained by belief in cohesion.
Sense is altogether different
and who cares not me.
“Dombey and Son from Another Mother.”
“A Midsummer Night’s Cream.”
Most likely I am trying to say
“War and Peas and Thank You”
for paying me any attention at all.
Sorry if I didn’t quite hit home.

Sarah Sarai’s poems are in DMQ Review, The Café Review, Barrow Street, E-ratio, The Southampton Review, Unbroken, Live!, and many other journals. Sarai’s two poetry collections are That Strapless Bra in Heaven (Kelsay Books) and The Future Is Happy (BlazeVOX).