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January 2003

December 2002
End Papers

November 2002
Hunting and Predation

October 2002
Excerpted poems from Spring chapbook contestants:  Ryan Van Cleave, Baruch November, et al.

September 2002
Degree 365:  Change and Reclamation — Year One of 9/11

August 2002

July 2002
Shoes (socks optional) — newsstand version:  Big City Lit Goes Country!

June 2002
Distance from the Tree: Poems on Fathers

May 2002
Poems on Paintings

April 2002
Mervyn Taylor, Sylvie Kandé, Adam Merton Cooper (Twelve 12)

March 2002
    "Degrees of Apprenticeship": Sarah Lawrence College MFA Program
and "Living in the Falling Apart as Gathering the Storm…" (WTC Special)

February 2002

January 2002
    "A Prague Summer"

December 2001
    "The Desert"

November 2001
    "Taking the Vapors" (WTC) and "Handful of Thunder" (Rattapallax, selected)

October 2001
    "The Imaginary/The Unimaginable"

September 2001
    "Seeds Foresung" (Asian American Writers) Guest editors: Tina Chang, Ravi Shankar, Rafiq Kathwari

August 2001
    "The Kiss" and Fairytales

July 2001
    "Big City Lit Goes Country" —Northern Catskills; The Hudson; The Dark (newsstand version)

June 2001
    "Only the Dead…" (The Vietnam War)

May 2001
    "Degrees of Affinity": Distinguished Alumni from the Columbia Writing Division

April 2001
    "Light and Questions Through the Window": Devotional Poetry and Music, Sacred and Profane

March 2001
    "Water to Wine to Waterford®": The Lyric Recovery Festival™ 2000 Collection

February 2001
    "The Occasional Groundhog" and The Hudson Pier Poets

January 2001
    "Because They Did" (Feminists)

December 2000
    "Degrees of Apprenticeship": Brooklyn College MFA Program