February 5, 2023

Life in the Slow Lane  

by Nicholas Johnson   I’m not cut out for life in the slow lane. Get back in the car and don’t slam the door. Don’t ask me to explain this epic catalogue of aches and pains. I don’t want to live like that anymore. I’m not cut out for life in the slow lane. I’m […]

Of Iron

by Hilary Sideris I know ligo,a little, Ellinica. I make a pot of avgo-lemono feeling a fever coming on, pray tosmall gods called  saints who do favors& specialize. A semi- colon is a questionmark in Greek. Sideris  means blacksmithlike Ferraro & Eisenstein,  but siderenios, of iron,said to a friend  facing adversity, means stay strong. Hilary SiderisHilary […]

Together in a Sudden Strangeness: America’s Poets Respond to the Pandemic Edited by Alice Quinn

Review by Rachael Warmington Edited by Alice QuinnAlfred A. Knopf, 2020, 184 pages, $27.00ISBN 978-0-593-31872-0                       In the Introduction to the anthology of poems, Together in a Sudden Strangeness, Alice Quinn observes that these poets are from across America and “the landscapes and events they are experiencing” are reflected in their poems (xvii). This is apparent […]

Said No One Ever by Gregory Crosby

Review by Pamela L. Laskin                      Gregory Crosby’s latest collection of poetry, Said No One Ever, is a nostalgic journey back through popular culture, music, art, form, birth and transformation as he explores the ghosts and the music of language. Ghosts since so many people Crosby has known and loved have died, and the way he keeps […]

The Kaddish of Pandemic

by Judy Bolton-Fasman I read the obituaries of those who have died in the pandemic, and say many of their names softly before I recite the five paragraphs of the Kaddish—the Jewish prayer of mourning. A new day, a new set of names. I make my way through the prayer’s chewy Aramaic, memorializing the lives […]

Flip Flops on Madison

by Karol Nielsen                      It was a modestly priced one-bedroom in a charming townhouse near the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I was deeply in love, even though I could see all of its flaws. The baseboards didn’t line up with the floor. The oak parquet had dry rotted and squeaked. The ceiling rippled like the […]


By Leeore Schnairsohn CHAPTER ONE                      In the beginning it was all machines. Excavators dug channels through the wrecks of hotels and restaurants that coated the beach. Drones picked through the smaller pieces, hunting human remains before the waves or seagulls could get them. Bulldozers organized the concrete and plaster into hills the size of apartment […]

The Summer of Ebright

by Lydia Tai                        When I was seventeen, I knew a boy who told me a story that I’d never believe. His name was Ebright, and his eyes were a starry deep blue, bluer than the ocean during a storm. Ebright was taken from his parents at the age of seven. This might have had […]


by Martin Toman The sun beat down. Hot air blasted into the cabin through the open windows. It was a long drive back to the vineyard from town, made dangerous by the rutted road. William bounced around on the bench seat, concentrating on avoiding the channels carved out of the surface by heavy winter rains, […]

Nothing Lost in Translation

by Allen Sherman                       My girlfriend Nicole spent most of her childhood in Italy. Her mother still lived there. After Nicole and I had been lovers for three years, her mother wanted to meet me. So, to celebrate Nicole’s twenty-fifth birthday, she sent us plane tickets to Milan. I arrived jetlagged, disoriented, and overjoyed to […]