July 6, 2022

Late Snow

I confess it: this morning, I forgot.Barely half awake, I left our bedto watch the snow come down. And what a sight!The earth all ermine, no defiling blotanywhere. The sky, yesterday lead,had harvested its jasmines overnight.Gone, the earliest green; but there was lightfrom where numberless twirling petals spedbewildered. A ghostly circle burnedfaintly behind their dance: […]

At the Next Table

How beautiful their fingers when they sign,lit by the steady candle! Waiters bringrolls in a basket and uncork the wine;the young man sips; then she; he nods. They singwith their four hands. Now he inscribes the airwith urgencies her palms, tossed by the storm,reply to. Why even try to look elsewhere!This icy night, no other […]