October 1, 2022


It wasn’t until we left the casinothat I began Begging Lessons. Even now, my lips won’t speak to each other.Trying to decide on sole or flounder. The harbor sloshes in pearly galoshes.The air, thick. The bathroom door sticks. Tuesday relaxes in its smoking jacket.Giving fire a haircut. Listening to “The Cuckoo” by Respighi,I depend on […]


Even grass prays for meaning, eachblade marrying dirt and light. The moon inches up, confessingto both envy and lust. We spoke for an hourabout giving ourselves assignments without getting permission.July. Persimmons are in season. Red wine and blue smoke.Steve Cannon has left the building. The sky is lost in a purple robe.The bells of St. […]

Come On Now

Evening stoops under its sodden shawl. A siren broods; its caterwaul snarling over blackened roofs. Someone’s on the run. Wet tires whisper to Avenue C. “I’m lost without you,” they swear. I wanted to be a matador in Manhattan, dancing with horns. I wanted to be a genie smoking in your coat of arms. While […]