September 25, 2022

Country of Warm Snow by Mervyn Taylor

Shearsman Books, 2020 Review by Hilary Sideris Mervyn Taylor’s most recent collection of poems is about contrasts and contradictions, as its title, Country of Warm Snow suggests. Taylor, who grew up (and spent the pandemic) in Trinidad, has lived in New York City for many years. He often crafts poems out of conversations, distilling the […]

Of Iron

by Hilary Sideris I know ligo,a little, Ellinica. I make a pot of avgo-lemono feeling a fever coming on, pray tosmall gods called  saints who do favors& specialize. A semi- colon is a questionmark in Greek. Sideris  means blacksmithlike Ferraro & Eisenstein,  but siderenios, of iron,said to a friend  facing adversity, means stay strong. Hilary SiderisHilary […]