September 25, 2022

Are We Artists? Or Fundraisers?

by Christopher Hirschmann Brandt Since I began working with Medicine Show Theatre, and ever more since the deaths of the company’s two founders in 2003 and 2015, the job that has brought me the greatest amount of tzuris is writing grant applications. I can’t say that’s taken the most time, since building sets, maintaining the […]

Theatre A Literary Art?

by Christopher Hirschmann Brandt Hilton Als, with all the confidence and aplomb of a Certified-Widely-Read-Professional-Theatre-Critic (for The New Yorker), states that “theatre is primarily a literary art.” Really, Hil? (May I call you Hil?) So Hil, what about a great deal of theatre of the past, oh say, sixty years? What about the costume sewer […]

Grief and the Little Sparrows (a personal post)

by Christopher Hirschmann Brandt The “Little Sparrow”, Edith Piaf, sings a song I have always loved – and envied – “Je ne regrette rien” – she so staunchly insists that she regrets nothing. Whereas I regret so much. I regret thinking when I was young that I knew everything and therefore had nothing to learn […]

Atheist Prayer

(for David McReynolds) Looking for god        any god        let that godbe many gods –        multi-gods        Janus facesall around        at each point        of the circle, everydegree of the        three hundred sixty        all blindwe will see that        when one eye        pops openand millennia later        another        and another untethered to any        system        what can faithbe I can        imagine it        lurks somewherewith nothing        to do        in the forestcalled the future        that is where        gods liveand no one        knows the        geographyof that […]

Distance No Time

Distance so greatmust be traversedin no time – fromyou and I to we, fromthought to thought,eye to hand, fromignorance to love,from life to death,and all our historypoured into our livingcircle, the one wemake and remakeand make again andnever shall arrive,we build it outward,we curl up inward,a beating heart – thisis what our lovelooks like,in no […]


“On inaccessible surfaces withinthe wings [of 747 freighters] someriveters leave declarations of love.”         Barry Lopez, Harpers Hidden, love can be told.“I love.” The simplest truthfrozen at 33,000 feetor withering in runway heat,riveted in place or scatteredacross a mountain after a crash,spread still above the scurrying on the tarmac,or vibrating with the turbine’s roar,this is a love that […]