July 5, 2022

Chance Performance

A white pillar of sand stands close by the New Infirmary; mica flecks, embedded there, glint and shimmer. The sand fly, despite her broken wing and all that distance flown, knows she’s the luckiest moving object in the territory. Barry WallensteinBarry Wallenstein is the author of eight collections of poetry, the most recent being At the Surprise […]


for Nick Johnson your face – once pale whiteon the pillow as are your bones nowlong exanimate – from the ride, the pang, the desire ex-animate – the mightyex-animate – the playerex-animate – the clowns ex-animate – the city itselfex-animate – firebombs and airwavesex-animate – the contestantsex-animate – prayer your face again – colors vibrant […]


Professor once, emeritus now,he bends over his files –old files boxed in old oak –pulls them out by their worn tabs –tosses bunches, small and large into the firein a hurry, with august anger,and a self-mocking grin. “That’s that for that,” he chortles,clearing out obsolescence.There’s a long pause before some premonitionswings into focus.“One ending need not presage […]

Nick Johnson – A Remembrance

A mark on the calendar – the first anniversary of when his heart failed to allow him another day. His body conspired against his self for a too long lingering while, and then the muscles failed. “Time to leave,” he would say, drawing on a cigarette – “don’t get me wrong” – “the way I […]