New Year's Eve preview:
Global Poem Zones

January Poetry Feature:
Because They Did

New Year's Importuned
Maureen Holm

Receiving guests tonight,
unsure how many will appear,
though she rings ready, close,
changing dresses every heartbeat, changing frame;
now bed, now coffin, pearls inserted for the ferry ride.

Oh, lay me in pine and seal its lid with resin!
I would not be maintained.
We've agreed it so, my one, it seems, only true, if
too frail upbraiding God for his self-wrought decay, he
who persists in three-ringed circumlo-
cation of the boldly painted word.
Protectorate and plunder, oh, so soon, first-- You, yes,
Father, tried, but when not silent, crude-- Sorry, I just
wish it had been other--, wouldn't have it any-- No,
guard this door, as once, as ever, from-- That's e-
nough too much strange company
at century's revolving wake.