Among Grotesque Trees

by Millicent Accardi

We amuse ourselves through the absurd
March forest, comical and childish,
dupes in this quarantine of looking
for breadcrumbs, a pathway out.
Set aside on a fool’s errand, seven times
funny and infantile, the dance of
the woods creating stockpiles of leaves,
like court hesitators we wash tree bark
And dance together, alone,
gullible and lighthearted. We pretend
this is an elongated day or game of Head’s Up 7-up,
a cycle of twenty four hours of mockery
and nonsense. A fool’s errand.
We are practical jokers,
pickling radishes and purple cabbage, steeping apple
cider vinegar in warm water.
We watch too much bad television like Tiger King
and Love is Blind. Tomfoolery abounds and we
yell Rabbit, Rabbit when we wake
up in the morning, the cause of everything.