Senior Poetry Editor
Nicholas Johnson

Senior Essayist & Articles Editor
Maureen Holm

Associate Editor
Elena Kondracki

Contributing Editors
Judith Johnson, Patrick Henry (UK), Victor Asaro, George Dickerson, Diana Manister

Bridge City Contributing Editors
Paris:  Margo Berdeshevsky, Blake Dawson
Prague:  James Ragan, Viktor Tichy

George Kunze

Audio and Recording Engineer
Zolton Sessions

Cheryl Yellowhawk (art), Gilbert Beach (architecture), 
Steve Bennett (bridge engineering)

Statement of Editorial Policy:

The editors attach paramount significance to artistic merit and diversity of expression. Merit notwithstanding, we will decline work which in our estimation subverts art to agenda, political or otherwise; diversity of expression is circumscribed by settled principles of U.S. First Amendment and analogous foreign jurisprudence and further by editorial discretion.

Work accepted for publication will ordinarily appear as scheduled, but may be deferred by editorial prerogative for up to six months. We reserve the right to reject query-accepted or commissioned manuscripts which are delivered late or in unsatisfactory condition. 

All texts are subject to unrestricted editing, both as to content and to form. Unless explicitly reserved, submission constitutes the grant to us of a broad, non-exclusive license to exploit work (including audio and visual work) for related purposes in a manner not inconsistent with copyright protections and other applicable law.

December, 2000


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