March 27, 2023

The Young Waitress

by Sue Brennan Aaron figured out which waitress was the one in the story. He’d come here before midday because in the story Eva complained about having to get ready


by Francine Witte One day, Elm Street turns purple. Amethyst, lilac, and mauve. Everything, everywhere licked with it. Mr. Jones, from what used to be the yellow house, steps out

The Fickle Messiah

by J. Paul Ross UNNATURAL OCCURRENCE ON KLONDIKE STREET [From the Weekly Standard Gazette, September 15, 2019] In all my years covering the important goings on in our fair city,

Grown Men and their Toys

By Christopher Clauss There is a lifelong benefitto action hero fantasiesand the crash of toy cars,the larger than life scenarios,the sound effects uttered thoughtlessly by young boys at playlost in

Among Grotesque Trees

by Millicent Accardi We amuse ourselves through the absurdMarch forest, comical and childish,dupes in this quarantine of lookingfor breadcrumbs, a pathway out.Set aside on a fool’s errand, seven timesfunny and


by Lauren Scharhag i. We were nine, and it was the age of MASH and paper fortune tellers. Choose a color. Choose a number. Close your eyes. I will draw

Baggage Reclaim

by Ben Nardolilli Travel brings out strange combinationsfor the sake of space, all improvised,my oxblood loafers sit on top of t-shirts,rolled up socks sit inside my boxer briefs,and toiletries are

An element of unfairness.

by DS Maolalai drunk and frustratedin the kitchenat the kitchen table,explaining the rulesof the card-gameto my best friend’s quite lovelynew girlfriend. making eye contactwith chrysty and frowning, as if commonsense