May 19, 2022

Nick Johnson – A Remembrance

A mark on the calendar – the first anniversary of when his heart failed to allow him another day. His body conspired against his self for a too long lingering while, and then the muscles failed. “Time to leave,” he would say, drawing on a cigarette – “don’t get me wrong” – “the way I […]

Title in Search of a Better Life

“Pantyliner Notes.” It’s yours, my hands are washed for at least twenty seconds. “Girl with a Pearl Jam Earring.” “Tess of the Rosenthals.” Confidence lost in bluster is gained by belief in cohesion. Sense is altogether different and who cares not me. “Dombey and Son from Another Mother.” “A Midsummer Night’s Cream.” Most likely I […]

Sonnet of Goodbye

against the backdrop of a cradled moon footprints across the sky—they gone too soon and galaxies like shutters from within eclipse the earth and block the devil’s sin what happens to black souls after the day? botham, atatiana, freddie gray philando must’ve greeted them with food known as one to be far more kind than […]

Clouds (Nuages) (no. 38 of E verses)

An Aerostar arrived in Charles de Gaulle Station, fresh with London rain. The Parisian clouds looked tame and people strode out upon the wet streets, bravely. I dreamed I lived in Paris for a while before I headed home to America. My heart felt thick as clouds, but my worries were transparent; Even after the […]


I am the girl who had my mouth sewn shut. I whir in swarms, all teeth and unquiet, my whole body, all shrieking, all radioactive, a ray of night. I am the woman collating bones. A nervous system brought back to life, a little disaster burned up; a trigger of childhood, a geography of needles. […]

day 41

and most folk stayed at home // followed the rules prayed for an end in sight took up new hobbies binged on Netflix had a lie-in (or two) spent valued time with the kids took a deep breath // time to stare at the walls made phone-calls they’d been meaning                 to make for months started […]

Peter and the Wolf

Most dances are sexual,pretend otherwise                                        all you want, but there’s also the violence,the alpha aggression                    and animalistic desire, which we appreciateeven applaudas long as its stylish,                                                  rhythmic,coupled                                    with the music. Let’s be honest.                                         No one wantsto be Peter. Even the Wolf fantasizesabout being the Wolf. Joseph MillsJoseph Mills, A faculty member at the University of North Carolina School of […]


Print neatly or not at all Name: My name is Legion. Address: That which cannot be found. Age: Time is relative to motion. Sex: Inexorable. Education: St Gary’s School for the Marred. Previous employment: Carrier of water, hewer of stone. Keeper in a dark tower. Qualifications: I am that I am. References: Great are the […]

At Home, After A Miscarriage

Today I’ll sleep– comforter, flowered nightgown—dark beneath. At the hospital, three interns lifted sheets and peered inside me. One said, “incomplete;” I didn’t think it could be me, but covered myself with a sheet under the overhead light. Before then, alone, I tossed lingerie in the sink, the water ran around with a red flag […]

Parking Lot

It is Thanksgiving time again. A time for bread and mirth. A to-go container of rolls lay in the parking lot. A turned-over ramekin oozes butter like a wound, elicits crying and angry words. There are no employees outside telling us to “avert our eyes” or that “there’s nothing to see here.” A retired detective […]