July 6, 2022


a hole in the cloudsnoise in the well half past Wednesday and ten to FridayApril has started but March hasn’t ended the sun zigzags across the grass –across last winter’s snow from a hundred years ago we trample the chiaroscurothe yard airs a few glissandos yesterday was Tuesday and today is Tuesdayhow will we survive a year of Tuesdays? midafternoon […]

The Death of a Butterfly

In the botanic garden I watched the death of a butterfly:papilio glaucus, not golden but whitish, faded,tried to land on a purple aster – and couldn’t,slipped from petals, leaves, fluttered aimlessly,sank into the weeds, fell to the ground,and it seemed it would stay there. Suddenly, amazingly,still fluttering aimlessly, it flewthrough the tunnel among the stems,then […]

After Wallace Stevens, “Of Mere Being”

At the end of the mind there is anesthesia.At the end of the mind there is a discotheque.Supper with a portrait of your great grandpa, suddenly alive.An idiot flies by in a balloon and plays a fife. On the edge of space, under a palm,stands a gingerbread house, on hen’s legs.On the edge of space there […]