October 1, 2022

Sunday in the Park

How sweet to stroll through the Garden of Gestures at sunrisein Humanity Memorial Park. As you enterthe Alley of Shrugging Shoulders lined on leftand right by videos of headless torsosmiming “unsolvable problem, what can one do?”the sun will bathe your face in radiant light. Pause at the rolling Meadows of Futilitywhere a scatter of scarecrows […]

Singularities in Everyday Life

In boyhood’s galactic epoch, outer spacebegan at my feet, and singularitieswere a frequent phenomenon. They freckledthe TV screen as pixels, gobbling attentionmost when they clustered to form personalitieslike Pinky Lee, Lucy, and Buffalo Bob,leaving as residue on the event horizonour couch-bound bodies. Also, the speckled bluelinoleum on my bedroom floor, a flattenedinfinity, was riddled with […]