October 1, 2022

Mona Lisa

Drawn byher unusual smile,he asked if he could join her. With no explanation given,she said, “No thank you.” Her attention moved backto the menu. He walked away,muttered a commentnot meant for her to hear,added to the rude laughterfrom alpha male peerstwo tables away. She wanted a nightto be alone—her yin didn’t needany man’s yang. His […]

Ball and Chain

All I can see was the rain  – Something grabbed a hold of me –
Feel to me, oh, like a ball and chain—Janis Joplin Rain’s persistencedoesn’t care if lust seepsthrough cracks. Without a howl,the wolf moon bleeds. Gravity pulls me inward,gets heavier with the night.Galvanized loss wears a ball and chain.My schoolgirl’s fantasy wakes up,removes […]