October 1, 2022

Danger in the Night

He said he left a twenty on the tableShe blind, too -much-to-drink-disabled“You must have seen me.                     Now we’re getting into trouble,” says he.Before she even got her sentence out — —Slight snarl, his, underground madness bubbling up – potent bitches brew.She so high – adrenal-estro– rush.expectant, peppermint in snow. She knew it wasn’t love.Fine. ________What […]


                    Bares me thisMessage — raveled hope of mail, re-routedTo our suburban forest. One scrawny pine boughFlickered over sun-patch on the soon–to-slumber earth.Next day dawned unseasonal — global warmthTakes diverse narratives. I’ve forgotten the exactDefinition of String but I heardA low whistle, quick rustleThrough the four-five curled leaves(Remains of last month’s finery) seismic plungePrized tanager, red […]


You made me. Oh youmade me, so pearled and quakingI fell down your lava stonescoming to pieces under your blue-black… what spiked with Southern stars                    breath of starsbut then — you dumped melike the Dipper, tossed into the balmy night.                     Thank God the children wake                    (I made them), half the world away                    eyes ablaze with trust.                    Packed with need, […]