October 1, 2022

Date with Kore

On the dining table, she servedherself up: two hands stretchedto the ceiling as she circledher hips above me.Then she pressedher palms straight upand became part caryatid,part walnut tree, holding upthe vaulted sky. My eyewas on the intertwining thingthat shook and rooted her.I wanted the secret of thatgyration, abandon, asdisciplined as a plinth,a pulley and lever that […]

Under the Radar

I’m so low on the priority listI’m almost trackless.I don’t use stealth.I don’t scramble my signals.I don’t have a double-message.I’m simply living off the grid,mucking up the markets, giftingwhatever I make to anyonewith a private grudge againstbusiness as usual, a privateache for the anarchist heart.Is that life enough? That’sa question each answersalone. I like it […]