October 1, 2022

Straitened Circumstance

Eve’s apple, was ityellow, green, or red? Red when she looked,yellow when she picked,green when she ate. Green as new things often are—light shoots and inner grasses. In the garden, nothing but kindly beastsand flowering boughs. Not evena branch stout enough to give her a leg up into a tree tall enough to serve as […]

Tyrolean Hills

for S.W. de Rachewiltz All morning we looped up, you on practiced, sturdy legsuntil near noon we found a farmhouse sunk in grass,center black from gypsy fires. Beneath its ruined eaves we ate hard-boiled eggs with salt— a prince’s lunch.Eggshell mosaics fell into a mossy rain-made trough.Close by, a church without a roof. I ventured over, […]