October 1, 2022


Light-and-life-giver splashes the earth-turn,dries the flashy rain-holders in towering flight abovegusts of fish-home air-shakes swaying to iamb trees, the here-to-there of singing wings, the baked and bakingmud and stone of schist island, churned-down yellows,blues and whites still flowering or fluttering in petals on mistless cattle-graze by the trochees of bowers and gutters,and there we in-and-out […]


Can you brain-burst a better sun-circle than here-and-nowingthe come-together of people and people movers, skyscraperswith see-through look-heres in colorful put-ons and take-offs. The gaze I like to give to glide-by-me objects of desirefloating over the concrete slicks where car-drives meet,my shoulder in daydream slacking a cold side of bricks. In a blink-eye, my world-catchers grapple […]