October 1, 2022

Red Shoes

by Kathleen Widdoes Yesterday, after visiting my family in my small hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, I took the train back to New York City, my chosen home. Though it was a weekday, the platform was congested with people. Some stood naively about and others, like myself, train-savvy, were waiting in the place where the train’s […]


Watch out for those girls. I know their types.Didn’t I come from the same small town?I know what they’re looking for, wearing their innocence fashionablyhidden, longing for the unknown, the forbidden.Watch out for those girls. I know their types. Scheming… dreaming if only they couldgive their souls away…they would,hoping to find what they are looking […]


She was older,           the woman I loved.I wore my suspenders           low to hold                    my boyhood hidden. I followed her.           “Come”, she said,“Let us walk through           the streets and note                    the qualities of people.” “What sport is that?,”           I asked – football fresh,fallen too short for baskets,           breathless from biking,                    wild boy me. “O, don’t you know,”           chided she.“You child, you – no Anthony!           But you can […]