July 5, 2022

Nothing’s End

Our window holds the riverwhile the ripples float downstream,wild with seagulls, while the glassholds our image in a foggy mirage.We free two foolish paper planes,a pair of gulls above the water,half watching as their flight sets down,for nothing really matters when it ends. Through the window I can tracespirals of gulls that riseskywards, vanishing like […]

To Be Alive

Two dead birds in two spring days,sleek feather balls like dream symbols,a damaged sparrow on my doorsteppresented by Midnight the half-strayand a perfect cedar waxwingin the middle of the pavementlying dead of poisoned berries. I discarded their bodiesas if removal from foot trafficcould honor pain and shortened lives.Am I asleep and dreaming, or not?When it […]