July 5, 2022

About the Quiet Tingle of Your Leg, My Uvula, Unwieldy Heart

And you, guardian of lawn and wildflower, tried to rip out my urtica dioca. Still you ride me home to the clicks between the cracks your name a simmer in Cajun laughter. I once wore curlers in my mother’s gold Plymouth Valiant, wishing for prince finer millinery, a division of dusk slathering Polaroid jelly on […]

Pound of Unrest

a squint in the garden ofeveryday static down-the-street dandelions cryopen the doorto your blistered carpet The daisies lie prostrate in the squallthe bluebells dribble orison-strains, icicles Snow junkies, carrawayed heartyour teeth are preaching mourningbed-breaks and poetry, a lie for god overall. What linoleum meant once –muscle tee’d childrenrhythmblinks filtered with limonana. The quilt exhumed                jalopy mevomiting […]

Sequins and Grafitti

A third moon-bath cleanses New York dankof chromium swaddle, brute degrees of dactyl soot –one flash exponential to the 94th relevation. Boom box humidity smudges the refrainthe croon spiked with inescapable orbits luggage impermeable to purpose, depletedof feral plaid and souvenir. O’ those badly shampooed angels who troublethe pool, ruffling the streets,too young to know […]