October 1, 2022


You were here just before I came,the current of air still warm. Even if I follow you in the right direction,I won’t catch you. I may get close enough to hearyou laugh, get a whiff of sweat, shampoo. You will disappear into the grass,the sky, the sun beginning to set. Helen TzagoloffHelen Tzagoloff was born in […]


Crows’ screams crush my ears.The brutal sun in the window.The wind strokes and burns my eyes. Cars have wheels, schoolchildren backpacks,pregnant women engorged bellies.Elevators swallow and disgorge.Morning bangs into cellphones.Can and bottle collectors tear openheavy-duty plastic recycling bags.Dogs sprinkle on signs.A woman stops in the middle of the crosswalk,says to me: “I’m a cashier in […]