July 6, 2022


was the only petMom ever lovedA French Poodlewho lived a long and happy life anddied peacefully in her sleepWhen my mother gets to heavenit will not be Jesus she longs to see hilandnycbigcitylit.com

Chance Performance

A white pillar of sand standsclose by the New Infirmary;mica flecks, embedded there,glint and shimmer. The sand fly, despite her broken wingand all that distance flown,knows she’s the luckiest moving objectin the territory. hilandnycbigcitylit.com

About the Quiet Tingle of Your Leg, My Uvula, Unwieldy Heart

And you, guardian of lawn and wildflower,tried to rip out my urtica dioca.Still you ride me hometo the clicks between the cracksyour name a simmer in Cajun laughter. I once wore curlers in my mother’sgold Plymouth Valiant, wishing for princefiner millinery, a division of duskslathering Polaroid jelly on toastpoints, martyred on manual typewriters. We contrive hurricanes […]


I read an article about ravens. Next thing you knowI’ve been invited to take part in this poetry reading About ravens. How intelligent they are. Then I’m at the YaleArt Gallery, where there’s an exhibition called “Fox, Henhouse and Crow” by Robert Wilhite.I know they’re not exactly the same thing. Ravens are bigger, With longer […]