July 5, 2022

love, alone

love alone sees both her men crack,like humpty dumpty falling off a wall, yetdeep down, where no one else looks, she’lllocate the dot in the nook, where love still persists- the gift now is to see them clearly, sweetas they once were, though autumn always hada back door leading to a poached afternoon sun-but, in […]


a leaf floats betweentwo birches the field is shocked:its lofty mannerits deliberateslowness maybe its jealousof the dance she watches the momentgo by as if its on fire such hastesuch ferocity he watches herwatch the momentthen grabs his own together they mightstall a twilight ellen 'windy' aug lytleellen ‘windy’ aug lytle is a poet/journalist/fiction writer and painter […]