October 1, 2022


after a woodblock print by Utamaro Wet hair bleedsdown her back, as if the bladehad slipped from her mouth & slashed her. All is water:ocean, glistening strandsof hair, the cloth she wrings dry. Her teeth claspthe blade to shuck shell-fish.A crouching woman offers a shellwith ragged edges,gestures, Try one. The basket is full.Sea scent weavesthrough air […]


after a woodblock print by Harunobu In this print, let’s pretendthe woman is the mother. She stepsfrom a block of wood,freed by the artist’s gouge.The umbrella in her hand tilts over her son. A hobby horselurches beneath his legsas if to result in arrival.But distance means nothingas cherry blossoms scour the sky. Clouds of camellias […]